Wellness Travel is becoming an increasingly popular travel niche
as people seeks to rebalance their hectic lives and care for their mind, body and spirits. Costa Rica is an idea destination because of
the natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere and fresh food, as well as the many luxury Wellness retreats – on the beach or in the rainforest.


Costa Rica is known for adventure! Spend the days zipping through the
rainforest, hot in pursuit of howler monkeys or surfing the waves. For
those looking for more than just sun and beach, Costa Rica delivers all
kinds of eco-adventure for the avid explorers or those just wanting some fun.


The scenery and atmosphere in Costa Rica is perfectly conducive to Yoga Retreats with some of the most amazing yoga platforms in
the world overlooking the coastline and rainforest. Many hotels have daily classes so clients can choose a more relaxed schedule,
rather than a full retreat.


Romance is in the air in beautiful Costa Rica! Romantic private rainforest villas, the sounds of the waves crashing and sunset walks on
the beach are sure to rekindle the spark. Add in a little adrenaline and adventure and couples will be clinging to each other in glee.
Many boutique hotel specialize in style, sophistication and romance.


What better place to relax and rejuvenate than next to the ocean, deep in the rainforest? Being surrounded by the aliveness of nature
is sure to help your clients unwind from their stressful lives. Rest assured the country has world renowned spa services, fresh local
ingredients and a warm friendly mentality sure to make everyone feel at home.


Many people are taking the time to nourish their spirits, as well and their minds and bodies. An important part of spiritual growth is a
reconnection with yourself and as well as nature, where the peace and serenity of Costa Rica provides space to do this. Meditation,
awareness, spiritual retreats and healers can help too.