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Luxury, Boutique & Wellness Vacations

Costa Rican Vibes specializes in small boutique, luxury properties in Costa Rica, catering to the higher-end customer looking for special
properties, bespoke vacations and out-of-this-world experiences. These types of properties and vacations can be tricky to find and
organize without in-depth knowledge of Costa Rica, but lucrative for travel agents to book. We provide retail and home agencies with
sustainable and responsible travel itineraries that highlight the country’s beauty and love for nature.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination where you can feel confident sending your clients – because it is safe, but also because of the
infrastructure and variety catering to many of your client’s desires. Not only is the country already seen as a secure yet exotic travel
destination, it is recognized worldwide as leader in sustainable travel.

Costa Rica is a land with rugged untouched beaches, lush rainforest, active volcanoes, luxury accommodation, warm people and more.
It caters to a broad range of demographics from environmentalist to thrill seekers to luxury. Our company, Costa Rican Vibes,
specializes in the more exotic less visited destinations, as well as special luxury boutique hotels and wellness travel. Costa Rica and
Costa Rican Vibes provides your agency with an ample portfolio of experiences and destinations for the high-end luxury client.

Agents can earn up to 12% commission on luxury trips to Costa Rica

Costa Rican Vibes can help booking high-end luxury trips to Costa Rica with:

● Access to Boutique hard to get properties;
● Knowledge of Costa Rican logistics for Higher-end Travel;
● Utilization of Travel Awareness Psychology to maximize Customer Satisfaction;
● Competitive pricing and many extra gifts for your clients;
● Costa Rica as a safe and easy destination and an excellent alternative to Mexico and the Caribbean;
● Designed to cater to Canadian Clientele.



Costa Rica is a country blessed by exuberant nature, pristine beaches and an immense biodiversity, but what really makes this small diverse country a special place with a special happiness vibes always seems to come back is its people. Costa Rica’s Happy Vibe
accentuated by the country’s peaceful demeanor that embraces Mother Nature by the ecological and sociological protection of it’s
lands. There are many components of the Costa Rica Vibe:

Best destinations

There are very few places in the world that can offer such an incredible diversity of scenery, climate and vacation pleasures as
Costa Rica does.